Chefs 5 Top Tips for the Best Party Menu

March 24, 2016



With the exciting new Sofood! menus being launched in April, we thought what better time to share our secrets with you to help you create a knock out party menu to wow your guests! At Sofood! we pride ourselves in coming up with innovative menus to keep all our customers happy, whether it be for a business lunch buffet or a private wedding party.


So, straight from the kitchen, here are our top 5 tips!


1. Colours and Textures

Have you ever heard the expression 'You eat with your eyes'? When planning your menu choose a good mix of colours and a variety of textures for impact and effect, with the right combination and layout you will have your guests mouths watering before they have even tasted the food! Choose canapés and nibbles that look impressive but don't need much effort to assemble at the last minute.


2. Prep is Key

Sofood's Chef Steve is famous in the kitchen for being the 'Prep Monster'! After 21 years experience Steve will tell you the success of any buffet or event catering is in the preparation. Do as much as you can in advance to help the event go smoothly and to make you look like an effortless host when your guests arrive! 


3. Presentation

After you've put all that effort into those delicious delicacies, when plating up make sure you have something worthy of displaying your hard work. Large ceramic platters or rustic looking boards are effective, or if you're feeling creative take a look on Pinterest for more imaginative ideas for food presentation. Presentation extends to the dressing of the table, cloths, centre pieces and even how your cutlery is dispensed. Don't forget to add finishing touches to your trays and platters by way of sprigs of herbs, cut fruit a drizzle of oil or even edible flowers.


4. Quantity

Start with dotting some static nibbles on tables so guests have something to graze on when they arrive and to keep them going before the main course is served, and to give you breathing space if something goes wrong! We suggest 6-8 canapés per head with a good mix of hot and cold, making sure you cater for everyones dietary requirements. You can choose to serve big bowl food for the main course, curry, chilli, rice and salad are easy to make up and let people help themselves. Don't forget to add something sweet a little later in the night or a platter or cheese and biscuits would also go down well. 


5. Raise the Bar

Just because we are a food company, doesn't mean we don't understand the importance of a good beverage at a party! Whether you choose to provide alcohol or not, again prep is the key. There are plenty of fresh and fruity alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktail recipes out there that are not only tasty but look the part too. Chopping fresh fruit and herbs to add to colourful liquid or freezing lavender sprigs in ice cubes are just some ways to inject a bit of theatre to your drinks offering. 


So there you have it, some simple ideas that are sure to be a recipe for success at your next party! And don't forget to take a look at the Sofood! new buffet menus out in April, we would love to hear your feedback! 



Sofood! Team :-)





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