How Much To Serve At Your Party

November 23, 2016


We know what it’s like. You have a birthday or important family occasion coming up and you want to make it special. You invite all your lovely guests, you book a great venue (or decorate the house) you order the wine and plan the party games and excitedly start making a list of all the food you want to make to feed your guests to make sure it’s a party to remember. But half way through the numbers get the better of you! How many of this? How many of that? But what if Aunty Rose doesn’t eat salmon pate and what if Uncle Fred turns up, he’s known for his appetite!


It can be tricky trying to second guess quantities for parties that’s why we have made it simple! We want to help you get the amounts right for your party even if you don’t choose to use our catering services. We have used our knowledge and expertise from years in the catering industry to create the nifty little infographic attached to help you plan the food for your event, whatever the occasion.


The Warm Up

One question we get asked a lot is how many canapes should I serve? Well, consider if they are appetisers, a pre cursor or starter before the main meal, then we don’t want to fill your guests up too much, so approximately 4 per guest should be enough to get their juices going for the main course while supping that first glass and mingling around the room.

 If you aren’t providing a main but rather want an evening of canapes, we suggest 6 per guest per hour to keep everyone happy.


The Main Event

Whether your main course be a main meal such as a lasagne or curry or whether it’s a cold finger buffet with sandwiches, we always recommend 1.5 servings per guest. Some people will just be content with one, but others may want a second helping. This must be accounted for, nothing worse than people going hungry at a party. If you are considering serving BBQ or grilled meats or anything in fact where there is a choice of a few items, it’s always worth providing 1 piece of each per each guest, as everyone is likely to try one of each and should at least have the option!


Side Note

When mass catering it can get fiddly with individual portions, side platters can really help ‘bulk’ up your food offering and it’s much easier to make a batch of salads and side dishes to help fill your tables. If you are providing platters of fruit or vegetables 2 large platters should comfortably feed 25 guests. With something like rice or pasta work on approx. 1.5 cups per guest.


A Sweet Ending

Our favourite part, dessert. Something simple like cake/cupcakes or tarts, meringues etc is best to work on 1.5 servings per guest but again, if you intend on offering a selection of sweet treats to tantalise your guests, best to be safe than sorry and make sure there is one of each per guest, lets face it, who doesn’t want to sample one of each dessert on offer?


We hope our ‘Perfect Portions for you Party’ is a great quick reference guide to helping you plan the catering for your event. And remember, if you want to take the hassle out of catering altogether (and the washing up!) then we are more than happy to quote you for food for any occasion, just call us on 01952 459945 to speak to one of our dedicated team. Happy eating!

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