Style your burger

May 31, 2017


National BBQ Week




With expected highs of 21 degrees this week, the perfect time to dust off your BBQ, chill a tipple of your choice and invite your favorite friends and family round. After all, who says BBQ-ing has to be kept just for the weekends! BBQ when you can I say!



Chef's advice 'Keep the burger recipe simple, concentrate on the toppings. I like trying crisps on my burger which are relatively inexpensive and add texture, or sometimes something as luxurious as a few truffles. Personally though i love an Aussie favourite - fried egg! I also add a little spice for balance.'



Let us help you create a fabulous burger, the Sofood way…



Ingredients, head to the shops and get:


1kg minced meat

Pinch of salt


Method, it’s so simple:

Makes 4 quarter pound burgers


1. Mix minced meat and salt

2. Weigh out your burgers so that they are equal

3. Put the burgers in the fridge for a few hours (this binds them together)




Create the Sofood Chef special burger sauce:


2 parts mayonnaise
1 part tomato ketchup
1 part sweet American mustard


Our sauce top picks:


Sriracha sauce, is a hot sauce that really compliments a burger, it's the MUST have sauce and becoming increasingly popular this summer!



Try aioli instead of mayo as it has more flavor!



Lavish your burger in these mouthwatering ingredients this BBQ season with our 'style your burger' ideas:




  • Golden battered onion rings add texture and sweetness

  • Why just settle for cheddar? Try something exciting. Gooey brie, sharp stilton, Monterey Jack, Shropshire blue to add flavor that packs a punch

  • Relish, we really like the look of these relishes from the allrecipes site -

  • Meat feast - pulled pork (try it in BBQ sauce)

  • Have a breakfast themed burger to include fried egg, bacon and mushrooms




Stack your burger high and enjoy it while the sun shines!




Whenever you decide to have your BBQ, however you style your burger, make sure that you have fun, enjoy and embrace National BBQ week.  From the Sofood Team!



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