Vegan Month

November 7, 2017

November is the month dedicated to Veganism in the UK so we thought we would write a blog to shed some light for those of you who may have heard about it but have never really known what it is! Here at Sofood! we support all dietary requirements and choices, making sure we also cater for those requirements in our menus.


It's becoming ever more popular for people to become Vegan, not only for its lower impact on the environment but also the potential health benefits too!


So what is being Vegan?

Most of us know that being Vegetarian means not eating meat, fish or poultry but Veganism goes one further and cuts out all animal products and by-products such as eggs, dairy, honey, leather, fur, wool and even soaps or cosmetics derived from animal products.


Why choose to be Vegan?

As mentioned before there are health, environmental and ethical reasons for people choosing to become Vegan. Quite often it is a mix of all of the above as well as striving to promote a more humane and caring world, standing up to some of the conditions animals face in the meat industry. A lot of Vegans will explain they are being as responsible as possible but without being judgemental of others.



Starting a Vegan diet means turning some old ideas we have about food on their head! But it is easy to still get plenty of protein from other sources rather just meat and it doesn't just mean a diet of chomping on raw carrot sticks! It's still pretty easy to make good hearty meals, a good Vegan diet is about variety and means plenty of fruit, nuts, vegetables, leafy greens, wholegrain products and legumes to get nutritional balance. Vegan diets are cholesterol free and generally low in saturated fat, which makes eating a vegan diet easy to conform to recommendations given to reduce the risk of major chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer


Thinking of going Vegan?

There are tonnes and tonnes of recipes and blogs out there nowadays which make trying a Vegan lifestyle super easy. Maybe it's for you maybe it's not, but if you fancy giving it a go this November here are a few places to look for recipe inspiration


BBC Good Food Vegan Recipes

Jamie Oliver Vegan Recipes

Good House Keeping Vegan Recipes



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