Top Ten Christmas Food Hacks to Impress and De-stress!

December 11, 2017

Christmas is certainly a wonderful time of the year, but it can also be all consuming and often downright stressful. So if you are hosting over the festive season we hope our top ten Christmas hacks will make your life a little easier as well as impress a few guests along the way!


1. Cook Your Turkey In Your Sleep

Well, not literally but slow cooking your turkey overnight could be the biggest time saver as well as making the turkey extremely succulent. You can follow a recipe for it here 



2. Stuffing Muffins

Make your stuffing easy to serve in equal portions this Christmas by simply making it in muffin tins....



3. Festive Fruit Ice Cubes

A big hit at a party and very simple to make, all you need are berries of your choice popped into ice cube trays and filled up with water. You could even use different flavours and colours of juice for extra p-zazz. Freeze for a few hours and ho ho ho there you go!



4. Chocolate Peel

Ever wondered how to make your desserts look impressively pro like James Martin made and delivered it himself? Dig out your potato peeler and start shaving your slab of chocolate to sprinkle over the top of your pud...



5. Store Ice Cream Soft For Scooping 

This is such a simple one and really effective! All you need is a ziplock/freezer bag. Simply pop your ice cream tub inside the bag and zip closed, stops it becoming too hard to scoop!


6. Slow Cooker Mulled Wine

When expecting a large number of guests over the course of a few hours I find making and serving our delicious mulled wine from a slow cooker a massive help. Not only does it cook and infuse the flavours beautifully but you can keep it at the perfect temperature for serving.


7. Frozen Whipped Cream

Whether you are expecting lots of children to your party or want to create a hot chocolate bar for your guests to make their own, freezing whipped cream in dollops on trays is an ideal way to aid serving hot chocolate en masse as they start to melt as soon as added to the mug...



8. Candy Cane Dust

Using a food processor or blender, blitz your choice of candy canes into a fine dust which can be added to anything and everything you wish to Christmastize!



9. Chocolate Christmas Trees

You don't need to be an artist for this trust me. Using melted chocolate make yourself a simple stick Christmas tree on parchment paper, leave in the fridge to set, peel off and add to cakes and desserts as an effective edible decoration!



10. Re-use Your Packaging

Ok so technically not a food hack as such but one you don't think of until you are taking your decs down. Why is it you always seem to have more decorations and less boxes when packing them away after Christmas? Egg cartons and Christmas biscuit or chocolate tins make for great storage for those delicate decs! 







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